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In Real Life - Example of youth in action

One of the services offered by Trialog is mentorship and coaching Youth Councils and similar forms for youth participation in municipal activities and politics. Here is an example from one of the Youth Councils, taken directly from the e-mail conversation. Young members of the Youth Council, busy planning the yearly manifestation for a multicultural society on the 9 of Nov (the memorial day of “the Crystal Night” in Germany in 1938).

Ida writes:
- OK. Today on a meeting in our working group, we decided that:
- Liw,. Sofia, Linnea and Emmy buy torches from the Bergstrom shop.
- Mia checks if it´s possible to get candles sponsored by the OB-shop.
- Mia, Malin and Emmy talk to the Bengtsson shop about getting candies, coffee and tea sponsored.
- Sofia tries to borrow a tent from the City Centre Association.
- Ida and Malin make posters.
- Jonathan contacts the police about permission for the manifestation.
- Perhaps Miriam and Siri can sing and play?
- …

- We would like the rest of you to suggest names of good speakers!

Jorre answers:
Good work! But I can not recommend that we walk on the Hospital Street, because if there are elderly people joining in the manifestation and if some of them need to use for example a wheel-chair it will be difficult because of the cobble stones…

I can contact the local press if you want! Keep the good spirit up, everyone!