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Ove Strand has many years experience in participatory democracy work, mainly among youth. Starting with issues concerning student and parental influence in schools during the 80´s and 90´s, his perspective broadened in 2000 to include a focus on youth influence over local government decision-making. He formed Trialog in 2005 to make his expertise available to groups beyond his immediate community.

The school
As an experienced teacher and supervisor in school improvement, Ove Strand has been a prime mover in facilitating student and parental influence in local schools.
He is thoroughly experienced in the challenge of how to ensure that the agreed-upon level of student influence in the classroom is an ongoing reality.

The municipality
As one of the civil servants in Strängnäs supporting the BUFF democracy model (Youth Concerns About the Future), Ove Strand has developed a model which maps out how young people can influence different sectors of civic activities.

As the local Youth Council’s supervisor and coach, Ove Strand's primary work has been with young people and their influence on local decisions. His work also includes the options for children to be participants in a range of local decisions.
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The Swedish Board for Youth Affairs, the Children´s National Representative and Plan International are examples of collaborating partnerships over the years.
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Experiences from both these fields - schools and those in the wider community - have provided Ove Strand hands-on experience with a wide range of methodologies. The one that has been received with greatest enthusiasm is the "Trialog Method" - an elaboration of Sherry Arnstein’s "Ladder of Citizen Participation". It is a model in which, together, two parties define the "rules of the game" for participation and the extent of that participation for a given situation.
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