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Youth democracy based primarly on three missions

The U.N. Convention on the Rights of Children, student influence on exactly how to reach the goals of the Swedish curriculum locally, and national guidelines for running youth’s political involvement, together constitute a powerful and clear mission for all adults involved in these fields. In addition, on the EU-level, there are documents that describe the rights of young people to participate in the decision-making processes on important issues. Trialog´s work is primarily based upon these three missions.

The Children´s National Representative - The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (the CRC)
“Children and youths have the right to speak up and be listened to.”
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The Swedish Agency for Education - Student influence in school
In the national school act and curriculum, there is a strong emphasis on the importance of students taking responsibility for their own learning and, to that end, of influencing a range of decisions at their own school.
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The Swedish board for Youth Affairs - Swedish Youth Policy
This Board is a public authority that strives for a society in which youth has access to power and well-being.
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